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BASH - Basic Action Super Heroes :: View topic - [new rule idea] spending Hero Points for...?

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[new rule idea] spending Hero Points for...?

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 5:39 am    Post subject: [new rule idea] spending Hero Points for...? Reply with quote

I was thinking... at least in our games full Hero Dice are hard to come by (forgetful Narrator).

But I was thinking... What about being able to USE Hero Points for little things more than just the 1-for-1 point addition to Difficulty totals.

For example.
I had an idea for spending a Hero Point (from watching Batman & Young Justice shows). Many times you'll see the heroes come into a situation and either sneaking in, or getting to "bigger" situations. So for situations when the Narrator is okay with the heroes "by-passing" the slog of Attack/Hit/Damage, repeat... In situations when the opponents are either familiar from being fought before (such as fighting another simple troop of Ninja) or just not important enough to matter (such as doing a bar-fight with a bunch of goons to get the one goon to interrogate)...
In certain situations the Narrator has a "new" type of Minion - the 1 Hit Minion (10 Hits is as low as the BASH! UE book goes, I believe). Similar in use as the minions made in D&D4. The idea is that you know with any "one" type of good attack (from a punch to a Daze from a tear-gas pellet) ...
With that...
The PC-Hero group (or a PC that's gone solo) can cut to the chase to get to the key point of the action, by spending 1 Hero Point per minion - for each one spent a minion is "taken down" by the PC-hero. To which the player can describe HOW he takes these minions down (a really cool description might even get some HPs back!).
and even to "higher power" heroes, GROUPS of Minions (Mobs) could also effectively be 1-Hit Minions for this same purpose.

and finally - On top of that... you could always add in another simple rule that a PC-Hero can spend a Hero DIE to "take down" any other form of minion as a new addition to Hero Dice options.

ALL of the above would, of course, need to be approved by (or even suggested by) the Narrator. AND need to be in the type of situation that warrants this "by-pass" of minions.

i.e. Batman sneaking into a villain HQ, etc... describing them falling one-by-one as the Batman (or PC-Hero) looks cool and silent doing it.

As noted, this would ONLY be an option for when the Narrator is okay with it (as he might have planned the minions to NEED to be tougher or to stall the PCs for a reason).

Heck... you might even say that (like the PC-Heroes getting a Hero Die when the Narrator chooses to have the Villain Escape) if the PC-Heroes "aren't allowed" to spend their HPs/HDs in this way to take down minions... they get a Hero Die for the setback.


If it sounds cool to use Hero Points for (only a few) other minor "story" reasons like this... what would other options be?
(I suggest ONLY story reasons, not to add die or result bonuses, for straight/boring numeric rule reasons)
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